Washington state gambling license renewal

Washington state gambling license renewal casino sky tower

Presentation for Legislative Hearing: The new owners may pick up the license or have it mailed, once the closing documents have been reviewed and approved by the Technician. Effective mid- Junewe are no longer sending paper renewals or activity reports to any licensees unless you have signed up for a waiver WAC and WAC

Contact a Customer Service Specialist to register for the on-line services. An applicant for a gambling license can be denied if the applicant has a disqualifying criminal conviction record. A business representative will be asked to attend the Commission meeting to answer any questions that the Commissioners might have regarding the business establishment. PDF files require the free Adobe Reader. If you have lived outside of Washington State for a total of 6 months or more in the past 10 years you are required to pay out of state fees. Finally, all phases of requirements will be brought before the Commission in the form of a report presented by the Administrator.

Commercial Business · Commercial/Vendor Changes · Vendor's License/Permit · Nonprofit Organizations · Annual Renewals · Individual License/Certification. Washington State Gambling Commission. Nonprofit Organizations · Annual Renewals · Individual License/Certification Class III Indian Gaming Employee. Gambling Equipment Malfunctions. Report a Gambling Equipment Malfunction Application for a Raffle License. Online Applications Available.

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